Please follow these 10 simple steps & booking the house for your group will be easy;

  1. View our properties on the website
  2. Call or e-mail Phil on 07868 750748 or  or  Debbie on 07816 338147 or or to arrange a viewing, for all of your group, asap, at a time & date to suit you
  3. Say YES! to one of the houses & it will not be shown to any other groups
  4. Arrange a meeting within 1 week, pay just £150 of your deposit each (total deposit is £300) & sign the contract (48 weeks from 24/08/19- 25/07/20) & the house is yours! (a copy of the contract will be e-mailed to you to read before signing).  Simple! A 2nd viewing can then be arranged if you still need to decide on rooms.
  5. You will then each receive a letter & copy of the signed tenancy agreement, by e-mail, to confirm everything within 7 days
  6. Pay the remaining £150 of your damage deposit by early January 2019 (to co-incide with your New Year Student loan payment)
  7. If you wish to store any items with us over the summer this can be arranged either in your room (if available) or in one of my secure garages. There is a very small fee applicable for this of £25
  8. In early August 2019 you will receive a letter, by e-mail, giving you full details of everything you’ll need to know & asking when you think you’ll be moving in
  9. I’ll then meet you with your key on your required moving in date & answer any queries you may have
  10. That’s it! We then hope you’ll have a great stay at one of our houses!